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A Brief History of the Midway Methodist Church (1932 - )


Rev. T.E. Pickren, pastor of the Darien Circuit, planted the first seeds of Midway Methodism in 1932 when he began a weekly Bible study – prayer group in the home of Dr. and Mrs. L.P. Youmans at Yellow Bluff. In 1933, Rev. Pickren moved and Rev. E.F. Morgan came out of retirement to serve the Darien Circuit. Rev Morgan continued the weekly meetings at Yellow Bluff and made efforts to organize the group into a church. By 1934, the organizing efforts were completed and the Midway Methodist Church was chartered with eight members, three of whom were designated “Trustees”. The new church became a part of the Darien Circuit in the Waycross District. The circuit new consisted of six churches: Darien, Crafton, Memorial, Morgan's, Mt. Pleasant, South Newport and Midway. Throughout 1934 the congregation of Midway Methodists met in the homes of its members for worship.


During 1935 the present sanctuary was built. Ballard Jones, Sr. offered the use of a lot adjacent to his home on Hwy 17 as a construction site, and Dr L.P. Youmans purchased the pulpit, communion rail, altar and much of the lumber from the recently closed Jackson Chapel Methodist Church at South Newport. The new sanctuary was paid for upon the completion of construction by the contributions of members, the gifts of church friends and a grant from the Methodist Board of Church Extension. Entirely paid for, the sanctuary was dedicated on the third Sunday (19_ of January, 1936. After its dedication, the sanctuary remained at the Hwy 17 location for 13 years.


In 1949 Mr and Mrs. Harry Rogers gave the Midway Methodist Church two acres of land on Hwy 38 in order that the sanctuary might be relocated away from the noise of Hwy 17. The church purchased a lot adjoining the Rogers' property on the west. In addition the church bought a house Mr and Mrs W H Cohen of Hinesville. This house, purchased for $1600, served as the parsonage.


Later, through the combined efforts of church members, Boy Scouts, and the Lion's Club, a barracks was purchased from Camp Stewart and moved onto the church grounds to serve as a social hall.


In 1950 Roscoe Denmark and J.K. “Pop” Tuten built a steeple and bell housing for the sanctuary. “Pop” later placed the steeple on the sanctuary roof.


The education building (red-brick) was built in 1956. It was totally paid for upon completion and was dedicated on November 11, 1956.


In 1960, the South Georgia Annual Conference redrew district lines and Midway became a part of the Savannah District. The 1960s and 1970s were times of hard work and steady but slow growth. By the mid 1970s the church began to grow as did the entire area.


In 1981, the church, with Bill Martin's help, purchased a one acre lot the east of the present sanctuary as a possible site for a new parsonage. By 1983, the possible became actual and a new parsonage was completed.


While the new parsonage was being planned, Bill Martin and Charlie Williams, assisted by many other church members, spearheaded the development of the Midway Methodist Cemetery. The work was completed debt free, and the cemetery was opened on July 5, 1982. Mrs. Faye Desposito was the first person buried there.


Meanwhile, other church members planned for and oversaw the parsonage construction. John Riddick shouldered most of the construction supervision of the parsonage. In February of 1983, the new was completed and furnished. This time, not only was the entire endeavor paid for in cash, but $35,000 above costs were given to start a new building fund. The parsonage was formally dedicated on March 4, 1984.


On February 5, 1984, the church formed a Committee to make an in-depth study of the church's need for facility improvement. After months of careful study, the Committee presented the church with a recommendation of a three-phased building program: Phase One, Sanctuary; Phase Two, Education Building; Phase Three, Social Hall.


On January 20, 1985, the church elected and installed an official Building Committee. The committee made immediate plans to implement the recommendations of the previous study committee. In order to do so, they obtained the professional services of Albert Suttles of Osteen and Suttles Architects in Douglas, GA. After months of work and re-work, the Building Committee presented preliminary plans for a three-phased building program, beginning with the sanctuary, to called session of the Church Conference, meeting on November 26, 1985. The conference gave its unanimous approval to the plan for financing.


On December 15, 1985, the Savannah District Committee on Church Construction added its unanimous approval to all the plans. The district committee's approval opened the way for groundbreaking services and construction.


In the midst of so much building in the 1980s the church kept its missional priorities in order. In both 1984 and 1985 the Midway-Fleming charge was selected as the Savannah District's Charge of the Year. The selection was based on largely on membership growth, missional giving and facility improvement.


(compiled by Ida Smith and Mrs. Mary Youmans)


On September 20, 1987, the new Sanctuary was dedicated.  



In September and October of 2022, the Midway United Methodist Church met to discuss leaving the United Methodist Church. In late October, a Church Conference was called by the Coastal District Superintendent, David Thompson, to vote on disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church. It passed with an overwhelming majority.


After much discussion, a second vote was taken in March 2023 to decide the future direction of the church. It was decided with around 75% of the vote to join with the Global Methodist Church denomination. Closely after, a vote was taken to change the name of the church back to Midway Methodist Church.


On May 21, 2023, a final vote will be taken by the South Georgia Annual Conference to certify the church's leaving the United Methodist Church.


Charter Members of the Midway Methodist Church


  1. Mr. Ballard Jones, Sr.

  2. Mrs. R.A. Calder

  3. Mr. R.A. Calder

  4. Mr. G.G. Lambert

  5. Dr. L.P. Youmans

  6. Mrs. L.P. Youmans

  7. Mr. Roger Youmans

  8. Mrs. Roger Youmans


Pastors of Midway Methodist Church


  1. 1932-33    Rev. T.E. Pickren               Darien Circuit

  2. 1933-39    Rev. E.F. Morgan               Darien Circuit

  3. 1939-40    Rev. J.D. Corbitt, Sr.         Darien Circuit

  4. 1940-42    Rev. John Swain                Darien Circuit

  5. 1943-46    Rev. G. Ross Freeman       Darien Circuit

  6. 1946-47    Rev. J.E. Lackey                 Midway-South Newport

  7. 1947-52    Rev. William Sell                Midway-South Newport

  8. 1952-55    Rev. A.L. Doloff                   Midway

  9. 1955-57    Rev. T.J. McCullough         Midway

  10. 1958-59    Rev. Frank Perry                 Midway

  11. 1959-60    Rev John S. Willis              Midway-Fleming

  12. 1960-67    Rev. H. Carl Marx               Midway-Fleming

  13. 1968-69    Rev. Lonzie Webster          Midway

  14. 1970-71    Rev. Glen T. Brinson           Midway-Fleming

  15. 1971-76    Rev. Ronnie Register          Midway-Fleming

  16. 1976-79    Rev. David C. Seyle             Midway-Fleming

  17. 1979-83    Rev. Steve Moreno              Midway-Fleming

  18. 1983-90    Rev. Robert Beckum          Midway-Fleming

  19. 1990-91    Rev. Franklin Pierce           Midway-Fleming

  20. 1991-93    Rev. Tom Oiver                    Midway-Fleming

  21. 1993-96    Rev. Rudy Starling              Midway-Fleming

  22. 1997          Dr. Frank Terry (interm)   Midway-Fleming

  23. 1997-02    Rev. Wayne DeFore            Midway

  24. 2002-06   Rev. John Walker               Midway

  25. 2006-13    Rev. Doug Walker              Midway

  26. 2013-16    Rev. Dan Pegram                Midway

  27. 2016-        Rev. Hank Perry                  Midway

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